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Dialogue 13

BUJIÙ: Hey Rosemary, why do you bring one dish at a time, man? Why don’t you bring them all and sit your ass down?
NONATO: Because you can’t mix it all in one plate. You must savor the flavors. One at a time. You must taste each ingredient, everything...
LINO: Why is that for? It’ll all end up in my stomach, right? They’ll get mixed up once inside.
NONATO: But you don’t eat shit just because food turns into shit in your guts. Does anyone eat shit here?
LAMBARI: I never did, but… I made a loser eat some.
SUELY: That’s so gross! I’m eating here!
ETECETERA: Shut up! Wait! Did he say it was good? Or what did it taste like?
LAMBARI: He didn’t say it was good, but it gave him a bad breath. He’d got some shitty breath.