Estômago portugues
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Dialogue 6

GIOVANNI: That sea salt, right… add a handful of it. Add some more. That’s ok. Don’t you dare add some oil, that’s for cheap pasta. Hand me the spaghetti.
GIOVANNI: Great. Ok, first we mix… then we wait till it’s ready.
NONATO: When do we know it’s ready, Mr. Giovanni?
GIOVANNI: It takes practice. You need cooking experience. Cooking is an art! It’s like painting, singing… One must know how to mix the ingredients. You gotta know when this is gonna go well with that. You gotta know the exact cooking time, so it won’t lose its taste. Cooking is an art, Nonato. Here is our studio. The kitchen, the spices and the ingredients are our paint.
NONATO: Paint?
GIOVANNI: Fuck, what was I saying?