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Born in Venice, Italy and naturalized Brazilian, Carlo Briani studied cinema and theater in Italy, having internships under Federico Fellini and Lina Wertmuller, among others. He was artistic director for Tele Monte Carlo in Rome and the executive producer for Buena Vista in Italy. He debuted in the cinema in 1983 movie “A Mulher-Serpente e a Flor,” directed by J. Marreco with screenplay penned by Benedito Ruy Barbosa. In 1985, he appeared in “Um Assunto Muito Particular,” directed by Nello De Rossi. In 1999, he participated in “Oriundi,” directed by Ricardo Bravo. Briani participated in novelas and TV series such a “Direito de Amar”, “A Escrava Isaura” (Isaura the Slave Girl) and “Paraiso Tropical.” “ESTOMAGO – A Gastronomic Story” is the fourth feature length film in his career.