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Prison behavior consultant

LUIZ spent 31 years and 10 months in prison for battery and homicide. While still incarcerated, he wrote Memórias de um Sobrevivente (Memoirs of a Survivor), a book that caught the attention of journalists at Trip magazine, where he is currently a columnist. Luiz’s description of the day-to-day reality in prison, slang, customs and the game inmates must play to stay alive impressed the producers of “ESTÔMAGO,” who invited him to be a consultant for prison scenes. His work began with the name of inmates - Etecetera, interpreted by Paulo Miklos, for example, was his suggestion. Later, Luiz participated in scenes shot in the Curitiba prison. He helped to develop all of the characters, became friends with Babu Santana and after a little hunting, found a deck of cards made from cigarette cartons. With that deck, he began playing Ronda (“which is the game of thieves, only wise guys play it”) with the cast. Soon, the game was on. Luiz was dashing away just minutes before the camera started rolling one of the most authentic scenes in “ESTÔMAGO.” “This work of art was only good because of the symbiosis that happened,” explains the writer, who also did a cameo performance as a jailer.