Estômago portugues
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  • “A beautiful film that satiates our appetite for intelligent entertainment.”

    Marcelo Janot – Crí

  • “The director serves up a tasty tale.”

    Marcos Dávila - Folha de São Paulo

  • “Very original, very intelligent and entertaining... It promises to be one of the year’s best sensations. ”

    Luiz Carlos Merten – O Estado de São Paulo

  • “...the first feature by director Marcos Jorge is a rare work in Brazilian cinema.”

    Chico Fireman - G1

  • “In a society where some devour and others are devoured, the cook plays a decisive role and can decide what’s the best dish. This is Marcos Jorge’s starting point to place a none-too complacent eye on contemporary Brazilian reality. Under the appearance of satirical comedy, the film offers an acute social reflection across different social social strata. In the nation of “zero hunger” [government programs] and the “cultural anthropophagy” exposed by Glauber Rocha, the parable outlined by the director shows the entrails of a contradictory reality.”

    Jorge Jellinek – Director of the Punta Del Este International Film Fest

  • One can laugh and cry at once with the experiences shared by the caricatures, with sweet vision of the prisoners, with the relationship between Nonato and a Felliniesque hooker, with the narration by the protagonist. These are forces generated by details, subtleties, by Babu’s verbal explosion, by the sideways glance of Joao Miguel, by the under breath complaint, by small changes in expressions and voices. It is a film of minute details that contribute to a powerful whole.

    Cléber Eduardo - Cinética

  • “A mélange of food, sex and power not seen since Peter Greenaway's The Cook, The Thief, His Wife And Her Lover, Marcos Jorge's feature film debut is a sleeper mystery. Fashioned less as a 'whodunnit?' than a 'what-he-done?', like a delicious meal in a foreign clime, it traverses the palate to deliver an unexpected but apt end-note. Perhaps not every patron will leave Estomago satisfied but it is not possible to watch this film without growing hungry.”

    Denis Seguin – Screen International

  • “A nice tale about the relativity of happiness, “Estômago” gives you the grandfatherly advice that ‘getting there’ is often more fun than ‘being there’. But it does so in such a riveting and pleasant way that I was entertained from start to finish. Highly recommended.”

    Ard Vijn – site Twitch (Roterdam, Holanda)

  • “Food equals power in Marcos Jorge's sly culinary revenge drama "Estomago: A Gastronomic Story." Lensed by Toca Seabra ("Lower City") with an appropriate level of grit, "Estomago" picked up multiple prizes at the Rio fest, including the audience award, suggesting that even offshore arthouse diners may enjoy this tasty, though not fully digested, meal.”

    Jay Weissberg - Variety