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Indiana Production Company has been operating since December 2005 from the reunion of three friends and working peers: Gabriele Muccino, Marco Cohen and Fabrizio Donvito. Indiana Production works with film, publicity and television production in three branches: Rome, Milan and Los Angeles. In 2007, Silvio Muccino, young and talented brother of Gabriele, has joined the company as a partner.


With diverse and complementary backgrounds, Fabrizio Donvito, Marco Cohen and Gabriele Muccino are connected by their love for films, its narrative and its multitude of declinations. Gabriele Muccino directed in 2006 The Pursuit of Happiness, starring Will Smith and is currently in pre-production of his next feature in America, whereas Marco Cohen and Fabrizio Donvito come from a long way as executive producers in the most diverse audiovisual areas, with an old partnership that begun in 1997 at the Italian production house Colorado Film.